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What's on at the Hermitage

19 December 2018 - 3 February 2019

Abstract Art in Italy. Achille Perilli

The General Staff Building, Transformer Hall (with red and green walls)

The exhibition presents works by the contemporary artist Achille Perilli and a series of educational events on 20th-century Italian art.

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8 December 2018 - 10 March 2019

‘Believe not thine eyes.’ Trompe l’oeil in Art

Manege of the Small Hermitage

From 8 December 2018, the exhibition “Believe not thine eyes.” Trompe l’oeil in Art will be open in the Manege of the Small Hermitage. The display is created entirely from the State Hermitage’s own st

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6 December 2018 - 11 March 2019

Piero della Francesca. Monarch of Painting

the Main Museum Complex, the Picket Hall

On 7 December 2018, Russian Orthodox St Catherine’s Day, the monographic exhibition Piero della Francesca opens in the State Hermitage, bringing together works by one of the most celebrated 14th-centu

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14 November 2018 - 10 March 2019

Tatiana Chapurgina’s ‘Porcelain Fashion’

Главный штаб

From 5 December 2018¸the exhibition “Tatiana Chapurgina’s Porcelain Fashion” will be running in the General Staff building. The display has been organized by the State Hermitage and the Imperial Porce

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28 November 2018 - 24 February 2019

Brush and Kalam. 200 Years of the Collection of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts

Halls 393–397 on the top floor of the Winter Palace

From 28 November 2018, the State Hermitage is presenting the exhibition “Brush and Kalam” marking the 200th anniversary of the Asiatic Museum – the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts RAS – one of the l

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23 November 2018 - 24 February 2019

Delicate Designs. Fashion 1988–2018

the General Staff building

From 23 November 2018, the exhibition “Delicate Designs. Fashion 1988–2018” will be running in the General Staff building of the State Hermitage. It is devoted to world fashion over the past 30 years,

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24 October 2018 - 27 January 2019

The Hermitage Library. Pages from Recent History (1918–2018)

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the centenary of the museum library’s formation after the 1917 revolution. The principles laid down in those early years still form the basis of the library’s

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18 October 2018 - 21 January 2019

Temporary Display of Annie Leibovitz’s Photographs

General Staff building

The State Hermitage’s Department of Contemporary Art is continuing its work to present works of art that have been donated to the museum. From 20 October 2018, there will be a temporary display in the

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16 October 2018 - 20 January 2019

At the Dawn of Islamic Art: A Dish from The Al Thani Collection

The display in the Apollo Hall of the Winter Palace will acquaint the general public with the little-known, complex processes that took place with the art of the south-eastern Mediterranean basin duri

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5 October 2018 - 13 January 2019

Imperial Capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna. Masterpieces of Museum Collections

Main Museum Complex, Twelve-Column Hall

On 5 October 2018, the exhibition “Imperial Capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna. Masterpieces of Museum Collections” opens in the Twelve-Column Hall of the New Hermitage, presenting an original joint pr

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29 September 2018 - 13 January 2019

Robert Walpole and His Collection

Дворец Меншикова

From 28 September 2018, the exhibition “Robert Walpole and His Collection” is running in the Menshikov Palace. The display comprises a portrait of Robert Walpole by Jean-Baptiste Van Loo, the engraved

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26 September 2018 - 12 April 2019

Glass Made to be Admired

From 26 September 2018, the exhibition Glass Made to be Admired. Masterpieces of the 16th–19th Centuries from the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum will be open to the public in the Blue Bedroo

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5 September 2018 - 13 January 2019

The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer: Masterpieces of The Leiden Collection

The State Hermitage Museum is delighted to present the exhibition “The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer: Masterpieces of The Leiden Collection” in The Nicholas Hall of the Winter Palace, containing master

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30 December 2015 - 14 January 2019

Fabergé in the Great War

Fabergé Rooms in the General Staff Building

On 29 December 2015, the exhibition “Fabergé and the Great War” opened in the General Staff.

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