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There are 5648 works of art in this category

Education of Jupiter

Berchem, Nicolaes (Claes) Pietersz. 1620-1683

Pitcher and Bowls

Picasso, Pablo. 1881-1973

Landscape with Birds

Kessel, Ferdinand van. 1648-1696

Adam and Eve (copy)

Harbour at Menton

Marquet, Albert. 1875-1947

Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Puy, Jean. 1876-1960

Hierarch with a Book

Antheor Bay

Valtat, Louis. 1869-1952

Portrait of Johann, Count of Tilly

Van Dyck, Anthony, imitator of. 17th century. 1599-1641

Scenes from the Life of Moses (The Punishment of Korah and his Company)

ок. 1570-1607

Rainy Day. Notre Dame de Paris

Marquet, Albert. 1875-1947

Portrait of Dante Alighieri

Unknown artist of the Tuscan School. 16th century

Christ with the Symbol of the Trinity

Giampietrino (Gian Pietro Rizzoli). 1508-1549

Portrait of Adjutant-General P. P. Gesse

Bogdanov-Belsky, Nikolay. 1868-1945

Portrait of Alexander P. Teslev (1778-1847)

George Dawe and his workshop

Portrait of Ilya F. Chernozubov (1765-1821)

George Dawe and his workshop


There are 3563 works of art in this category

Swain Shows the Way

Slums in Milan

Premazzi, Luigi. 1814-1891

"Portrait of Count Nikolai Saltykov" (1736-1816)

Architectural Composition

Plan 'Cascade of Moses'. Draft

Michetti, Niccolo. 1675-1759

"The Facade of the Hospital in the Vyborg District in St Petersburg"

Unknown artist

Baptism. Study for the Painting 'Landscape with the Baptism of Christ', Washington National Gallery

Magnasco, Alessandro (Lissandrino). 1667-1749


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Architectural Fantasy (with the statue of Terpsichore)

Clerisseau, Charles-Louis. 1721-1820

Illustration of a scene from the play 'The Father for Love' by Carlo Goldoni

Novelli, Pietro Antonio. 1729-1804

Van Chzhaotszyun Given in Marriage to the Barbarians

View of Irkutsk

Martynov, Andrey. 1768-1826

Classical Bas-relief from the Museum of the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolo at Catania

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

Ball in Paris's Suburb

Steinlen, Theophile-Alexander. 1859-1923


Poussin, Nicolas. 1594-1665

View of a Park with Figures

Unknown artist


There are 211 works of art in this category

Portrait of Nakib Khan

Miniature: Portrait of Princess N.P. Kurakina

Ritt, Augustin. 1765-1799

Youth Standing by a Tree

Dervish Holding a Book



Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Miniature: Portrait of Countess D.P. Saltykova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Prayer of Sheikh

Miniature: Portrait of Tatyana Yusupova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Beautiful Woman with a Falcon

Unknown Lady in Turkish Dress (Presumed of Laura Tarsi)

Liotard, Jean-Etienne. 1702-1789

Fighting Elephants

Portrait of Prince Alexander Ivanovich Chernyshev

Lieder, Friedrich-Johann-Gottlieb. 1780-1859

Miniature: Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877

Youth with a Gun

Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Emperor Shah Jahan

Miniature: Portrait of English

Ritt, Augustin. 1765-1799


There are 3734 works of art in this category

Soldier of the Life-Guards Dragoon Regiment

H. de Montherlant. 'Pasiphae'. Minos's Song (The Cretans)

Matisse, Henri. 1869-1954

Banquet Given in the City on 6 (18) June 1814 in Honour of the Visit of Emperor Alexander I to London

Anonymous printmaker

Sheet: "Guy" - "Sense of Duty": A Girl Sitting on the Window Sill and a Young Man Sitting on the Floor in Front of Her with a Book

Suzuki Harunobu. 1724-1770

St. Jerome Reading in an Italian Landscape. B.104

Cavalcade of Princes and Knights. Quadrille 4

Hosemann, Theodor (?). 1807-1875

Dance. From the 'L'estampe originale' edition

Cheret, Jules. 1836-1932

"Faust". B.270

Funeral Procession in Brussels on the Occasion of the Death of Emperor Charles V. Sheet 21-23

Christ and the Centurian at Capernaum

The Environs of Kuzishny. 29 June (11 July) 1812

Baumeister, J. Active-1830s

Girl with a Portrait of her Beloved

Poilly, Francois de, II. 1666-1741

Fall of Troy

Ghisi, Giorgio. 1520/21-1582

Jesus and St John the Baptist in their Childhood

Jegher, Christoffel. 1596-1652/53 (?)

Pike Duel of Two Characters (Niyu yarishen –no ju )

Christ and the Woman of Samaria: An Arched Print. B.70